CIC Project Teams Moving Forward with 2017 Comprehensive Plan Goals


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CIC Project Teams Moving Forward with 2017 Comprehensive Plan Goals

(Canandaigua, NY) - In February the Citizens’ Implementation Committee (CIC) hosted a successful public informational meeting to kick-off the 2017 CIC Project Teams. The CIC is a group of residents appointed by the Town Board in 2014 to facilitate the implementation of the Town of Canandaigua’s Comprehensive Plan goals. Each year the CIC project teams are assigned by the Town Board to work on a set of goals for that year and they are now in their fourth year. Some examples of finished projects include the new Sewer Master Plan and the Agricultural Enhancement Plan – both adopted by the Town Board in December 2016; as well as the newly adopted Steep Slopes Protection Law; all of these are the result of countless volunteer hours of hard work on the part of the respective project teams and are fine examples of the important role residents play in the operation and future planning of the Town.

The outpouring of support and engagement by Town residents has been phenomenal as they have assisted in beginning work on the 2017 priority Comprehensive Plan goals and action steps. This year, six goals are being implemented by five project teams and one Town Committee:

  • Economic Development Team (formerly the MUO-Mixed Use Overlay team) – This project team was encouraged to change focus this year and has been tasked with business development and retention in the Town of Canandaigua. They will also be working with the Genesee Transportation Council on an improved transportation and place-making feasibility study for the Uptown Region of the Town made possible by a grant awarded by the Genesee Transportation Council and funded with federal highway and transit funds through the Unified Planning Work Program.
  • Open Space & Conservation Master Plan Team –  This group has been working very hard on a plan that will help to retain the Town’s open spaces and undeveloped forests, fields, and land. The Town Board just released an RFP this week (available on the Town’s website) requesting proposals for the development of a plan that will help to uphold the following Comprehensive Plan goals:
    • Goal 3 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Ensure the Protection of the Town of Canandaigua’s natural resources;” Goal 7, “Conserve and maintain the land that provides critical open space and scenic resources;” and Goal 8, “Create a network of linkages for wildlife habitat, scenic views and recreational trails.”
  • Complete Streets Team – This group has been formulating a new policy to recommend to the Town Board that will place greater importance on non-motorized transportation; it is in keeping with Goal 20 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Embrace ‘Complete Streetscapes’ for all users.” Once adopted by the Town Board, it is the intent that this policy will prioritize the needs and safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and users of wheeled devices (wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) when considering new development projects and also when considering any maintenance activities on existing Town roads. The adopted policy will help to guide Town decisions regarding walkways, multi-use trails, and sidewalks.
  • Update Design Standards/Criteria – This team has been revising the Town’s Site Design and Development Criteria with the help of the planners and engineers at MRB Group and will make a recommendation to the Town Board once it is complete. This coded document is a helpful regulatory framework used by developers and contractors when working within the Town. The objective of the team is to recommend updates to the Town Board that adhering to these Comp Plan goals:    
    • Goal 16 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Structure land use regulations, design standards and zoning code to improve and protect the character of the Town’s hamlets and gateways.” and Goal 20, “Embrace ‘Complete Streetscapes’ for all users.”
  • Natural Resources Inventory - This team has been working since early 2015 in developing and recommending draft code for the protection of significant environmental features; namely, Steep Slopes, Ridgelines/Viewsheds, and the Shoreline. To date the Team has completed a Steep Slopes Protection Law that was adopted by the Town Board last month.  They are presently working on a Ridgeline/Viewshed draft law that, if adopted by the Town Board, would help to preserve and protect the Town's many scenic vistas.  The NRI Team works under the guise of Goal #3 of the Comprehensive Plan Update:  Ensure the protection of the Town of Canandaigua's natural resources.
  • Parks  & Recreation Committee – This standing Town Committee has been tasked with creating and recommending an updated Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan for adoption by the Town Board. They are working with McCord Landscape Architecture, PLLC and have already created a resident survey as a first step in assessing the recreational needs of residents in the area.

These teams and committee are made up of resident volunteers who are dedicated to this Town and its future. None of these accomplishments would be possible without their efforts and the Town is extremely appreciative of the time they spend on these projects.  For more information on the Citizens’ Implementation Committee, the project teams, and their accomplishments, please visit the Town’s website:

By:      Sarah Reynolds, Development Office

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