New Traffic Pattern For Town Transfer Station



CONTACT:  TERRY FENNELLY   585-394-0625,

                     JIM FLETCHER        585-394-3300,

(Canandaigua, NY) - On April 3, 2017 Town crews will begin demolishing the existing highway garage. This will require the temporary rerouting of traffic to/from the Transfer Station. During the demolition phase, the facility’s north gate on Buffalo Street Extension will be closed. All Transfer Station traffic will be required to enter and exit the Town campus at the south driveway on State Routes 5 & 20.

Entering traffic will no longer pass through the south gate. Instead you will be directed east, as if traveling to the Town Court entrance. A temporary road will be installed on the east side of the large berm. Traffic will be directed around the back of the waste and recycling building and looped around to approach the Transfer Station from the north. This will position residents for easy exit and maintain the one-way flow of traffic. Once unloaded, exiting traffic will be directed through the south gate back onto State Routes 5 & 20.  Resource piles for dropping off organic yard wastes, picking up mulch, and getting various sizes of stone will be rearranged so they can be utilized while using the new traffic pattern.

“With such a high volume of traffic to the Transfer Station, we feel it is essential to provide residents a safe and clearly marked route to travel,” says Highway Superintendent, Jim Fletcher.

As for the project’s timeline, Councilman, Terry Fennelly, states, “At this point in the project, construction drawings are nearing completion. It is expected that the Town will go out for bids in late April with a bid to be awarded in May. Construction of the new facility is expected to start in June.”

The map attached portrays the temporary traffic pattern can also be found on the Town’s website,, under Town News and on the Waste/Recycling Department page.

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