Canandaigua Airport Sanitary Sewer Extension Project: Notice to Area Landowners

The Ontario County Industrial Development Agency, the Town of Canandaigua, and McFarland Johnson, Inc. would like to formally invite you to a public meeting with representatives of the project team to discuss the Canandaigua Airport Sanitary Sewer Extension project. The meeting will be held on June 15th at 6:30 PM at the Town of Canandaigua Town Hall. Please use the back doors as the meeting will be held in the lower level courtroom.
The Town Hall is located at:
5440 State Route 5 & 20
Canandaigua, New York 14424
Plans for the project will be available at the meeting.
The Canandaigua Airport has been awarded a grant by the New York State Department of Transportation, through the Aviation Capital Grant program and a New York State Consolidated Funding Application/Economic Development Grant to extend sanitary sewer services to the airport property on Brickyard Road in the Town of Canandaigua.  
As defined in the grant, a gravity sanitary sewer system will be constructed from an existing manhole at the northeast corner of North Street (County Road 30) and Brickyard Road. The new sanitary sewer main will run through a series of manholes along Brickyard Road to a point near the southeast corner of the Canandaigua Airport property. All properties in this general area will be part of a Sanitary Sewer Extension to the Canandaigua Lake County Sewer District, who will own and maintain the sewer after it is built and accepted.
As part of the construction effort, the sewer main will include capped laterals for future sanitary connections, at each parcel along the proposed sewer main route, which will be constructed in Brickyard Road right-of-way. This will permit the land owners to connect to the sewer at their own expense, should they so choose.
Thank you,
Pamela A. Helming,
Town of Canandaigua Supervisor
Direct: 585.394.1120 x2224
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