Uptown Business Improvement District


The Town Board of the Town of Canandaigua is considering the creation of an Uptown Business Improvement District to provide for supplemental improvements to the Uptown (Form Based Code) portion of Uptown Canandaigua. 

The Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for the proposed local law for December 20, 2021 during the Town Board meeting (6:00PM) of the Town of Canandaigua held at the Town Hall, 5440 SR5&20W Canandaigua, and also by zoom (link details).


The purpose of the Uptown BID is to legally establish a contiguous geographic area within which property and business owners make a financial investment through tax dollars to initiate, manage, and finance supplemental services for the maintenance, construction, landscaping, assistance or advancement of economic development, the Uptown area, promotion of diversity, inclusiveness, a vibrant mixed-use destination and the Uptown BID. The Uptown BID is established to improve business for merchants, and the experience for visitors and residents of Canandaigua and to the Uptown area through the additional promotion of but not limited to such things as pedestrian traffic, multi-modal transportation, cultural and arts, events, information, marketing, supporting, and raising awareness of Canandaigua’s cultural, economic, tourism, and commercial opportunities, while honoring the unique and diverse resources of the community.



Uptown Business Improvement District Plan (11/03/21)

Uptown BID Proposed Law Law (Nov. 2021)

Uptown Map

Uptown Feasability Study

Form Based Code

Canandaigua Crossing (rendering)- Uptown (2536 SR 332 - 10/21)

Uptown Landing (rendering) - Uptown (Parkside Drive - 11/21)


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