Canandaigua City and Town Efforts to Aid Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in the grips of a serious, life-threatening crisis, with humanitarian aid getting in far more slowly than is needed.  The island is running short on food, fuel, and access to clean water and there’s limited communications, which means some communities have received no information about the rescue efforts underway.

The Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico was announced Monday.   After viewing reports of the devastation the residents of Puerto Rico and talking to area residents who have family living there, we would like Canandaigua to demonstrate our concern for the perils they are facing and join in efforts to provide aid and assistance.

One of the ways is to offer Canandaigua area residents the opportunity to donate items that are needed.  They can deliver them to an area inside the West Avenue entrance of City Hall.  Items will be collected through October 5th and then will be taken to a collection point in Rochester.

Requested items include batteries, flashlights, portable lanterns, diapers, baby wipes, cases of water, personal care items, feminine hygiene products, first aid supplies, bottled water or survival water sanitation devices, non-perishable ready to eat food items such as granola bars, bagged nuts, crackers, fruit snacks etc. All items must be completely unopened and packaged.

This is an opportunity for Canandaigua area residents to directly contribute to relief efforts and help the people of Puerto Rico recover and rebuild.

For more information from the Governor's office on how you can help, please click here.

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