County Road to be Sprayed with Herbicide




PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the Ontario County Department of Public Works has scheduled the application of herbicide along county highways for the purpose of controlling vegetation growing under guide rails and around signposts where it is undesirable and uneconomical to maintain by mechanical means between May 29, 2017 and June 9, 2017. Control of vegetation along public highways is necessary to provide motorists with satisfactory visual awareness.  Product Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for the above products as well as maps showing the approximate limits of areas to be treated may be viewed by the public at the Ontario County Department of Public Works, 2962 County Road 48, Canandaigua, NY 14424. Ontario County has hired DeAngelo Brothers, LLC, with offices at 100 N. Conahan Drive, Hazelton, PA 18201, NYSDEC Pesticide Business Registration No. 08791, to apply the herbicide. Persons who have surface water sources, particularly dug wells within the highway right of way should contact the Ontario County Department of Public Works at (585) 396-4000 before May 24, 2017, or DeAngelo Brothers, LLC at 1-888-300-3988, extension 1202 for Stephen Gregory, so the sites can be inspected.

The Town of Canandaigua Highway Superintendent, James Fletcher, has announced that none of the Town roads will be sprayed with this herbicide.


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