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CONTACT:  Sarah Reynolds, Development Office




(Canandaigua, NY) – The Canandaigua Town Board and the Citizens’ Implementation Committee (CIC) are seeking residents interested in serving on project teams to implement the Conservation Plan goals and action steps identified as priorities for 2017.

The CIC is a group of residents appointed by the Town Board in 2014 to fully implement the goals identified in the Town of Canandaigua’s Comprehensive Plan. For the past two years, the CIC project teams have been working on the top 5 goals identified during strategic planning sessions in 2014. The goals identified for 2017 and the associated new and existing teams that need to be filled (or re-filled as positions open) are as follows:

  • Mixed Use Overlay – (Existing project team) this team is tasked with the long term planning for the MUO zoning districts in the Town of Canandaigua. Specifically, the MUO team is asked to develop concepts and plans for each of the three growth nodes within the Town as identified in the Comprehensive Plan.
    • Goal 13 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Maximize opportunities for large and small scale commercial development within the Town without compromising the Town’s natural, scenic, cultural and historic resources.”
  • Open Space & Conservation Plan – (New project team) this team will help to further define and identify open spaces and land of conservation importance and, through the RFP process, prepare an Open Space and Conservation Plan to be presented to the Town Board.
    • Goal 3 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Ensure the Protection of the Town of Canandaigua’s natural resources.”
    • Goal 7 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Conserve and maintain the land that provides critical open space and scenic resources.”
    • Goal 8 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Create a network of linkages for wildlife habitat, scenic views and recreational trails.” 
  • Complete Streets Policy – (New project team) this team will be tasked with researching and proposing a Complete Streets Policy to be considered by the Town Board.  
    • Goal 20 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Embrace ‘Complete Streetscapes’ for all users.”
    • Goal 10 and Goal 11 stated above also contribute to this action item.
  • Update Design Standards/Criteria – (New project team) this team will be tasked with completing a Chapter Update to the Town Code to update the Site Design and Development Criteria.  
    • Goal 16 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Structure land use regulations, design standards and zoning code to improve and protect the character of the Town’s hamlets and gateways.”
    • Goal 20 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Embrace ‘Complete Streetscapes’ for all users.”
  • Natural Resources Inventory – (Existing project team) this team has been working since early 2015 to determine if the Natural Resources Inventory, which replaced Limited Development Overlay, is successful in preservation of significant environmental features. The team has offered several updates to the Town code (draft Steep Slope Law, draft Ridgelines Law, and draft Shorelines law) that would make protections for natural resources within the town more robust – none of the laws have been adopted as of yet. The team still needs to do more work.
    • Goal 3 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Ensure the protection of the Town of Canandaigua’s natural resources.

Members of these teams will meet regularly to define their scope of work, discuss their respective goals, develop a plan to meet them, and agree on a proposed timeline for achieving the goal. The teams are expected to meet as much as is necessary for their task – some may meet for as little as six months and others possibly up to a year or more depending on the goals they set and the nature of the project.

If you think you may be interested in serving on one of the above project teams and becoming more involved in your Town and/or would like more information, please contact Sarah Reynolds at the Development Office, or call the Canandaigua Town Hall at (585) 394-1120.

By:      Sarah Reynolds, Development Office

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